Harpoon 400


Unit TAB
Manufacturer MERCK LIMITED
Indications Chronic bronchitis, ENT infections, gonorrhoea, non gonococcal urethritis, tuberculosis, non specific urethritis, cervicitis, atypical pneumonia, enteric fever, respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, skin and soft tissue infection
Contraindications Hypersensitivity
Adverse Effects Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, anorexia, headache,dizziness, insomnia, skin rash, abnormal liver function, arthropathy, tendonitis and tendon rupture, urticaria and swelling of lips
Drug Intercations Antacid and iron salts reduces absorption of ofloxacin. Inhibition of theophylline metabolism is less marked. NSAID\’s may precipitate seizures when concurrently used with ofloxacin
Dosage Adults : 200-400mg daily for 5-7 days. Doses>400mg – divided in 2 doses. UTI : 200-800mg/day. RTI : 400-800mg/day. Gonorrhoea : 400mg single dose. Prostatitis : 300mg/day for 6 days. IV infusion : 200mg twice daily
Compatibility with Alcohol Not Enough Studies to Suggest the Risk
Intake During Pregnancy NA